Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in psychotherapy?

After an evaluation of your needs, Dr. Donovan will make treatment recommendations. Typically, this means setting a few treatment goals and establishing a regular, weekly appointment time. The length of treatment varies based on the problem, the goals, and the availability/commitment of a client. Appointments are usually once weekly for 45 minutes. Dr. Donovan is in constant communication with her clients and their parents about the progress of treatment and provides updated recommendations as needed. For children, participation of parents and other essential caregivers is vital. Depending on the age of the child and the nature of the treatment focus, a parent or caregiver typically participates in part of each session, and separate parent-only sessions are also held.

Dr. Donovan’s treatment is rooted in collaborative discussions about the nature of a client’s problem and appropriate therapy solutions. These solutions typically involve practical and pragmatic changes to the way one is thinking or behaving. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which forms the basis of Dr. Donovan’s theoretical framework, takes as its core tenet that the way we feel is influenced by the way we think and the way we act, in conjunction with environmental stressors. This means we have tremendous power to improve our lives and we have many different targets for intervention.

How do I know if I need psychotherapy?

Dr. Donovan begins an encounter with a new patient with a brief phone consultation followed by a comprehensive intake evaluation in her office. This process allows Dr. Donovan to help provide a recommendation as to whether additional consultation or psychotherapy is indicated and to establish preliminary treatment goals and a treatment plan. Dr. Donovan also works as a consultant for families who do not require ongoing treatment but may benefit from the professional guidance of a psychologist from time to time.

Not every problem requires psychotherapy as the solution. When psychotherapy is indicated, Dr. Donovan establishes therapeutic agreements that are collaborative and focused on her patient’s goals.

Do you prescribe medication?

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Donovan is not trained or licensed to prescribe medication. She works closely with the psychiatrists, primary care doctors, and other physicians of her patients who do prescribe medication.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Donovan’s services are private-pay only and she is not in-network with any insurance providers. She accepts credit card, checks and cash. Dr. Donovan provides an invoice with the necessary clinical and billing information if a patient wishes to submit their bill for out-of-network reimbursement by their insurance company.

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